Thankyou to all those who presented so far!

2009 Speakers:

23 Apr
Dr. Theodora Duka University of Sussex The impact of repeated ethanol exposure on cognitive and emotional competence.
02 Mar
Prof Ian Robertson PI, TCIN Behavioural methods for improving brain function
16 Feb
Dr Christopher Mascott Neurosurgeon, Beacon Hosp HM: An insider's perspective
09 Feb
Dr Neal Lemon DCU

Space and time: The adrenergic system and episodic memory

22 Jan

19 Jan

Dr. Veronica Miller

Dr Marion Tsanov


Postdoc, TCIN

Sex differences in neuroinflammation and susceptibility to disease

The Subcortical Approach to Episodic Memory

12 Jan
Dr Joshua Balsters Postdoc, TCIN Cerebellum (huh!), what is it good for?

2008 Speakers:






08 Dec


Dr Christoph Blau Postdoc, TCIN Animal MRI: towards a novel biomarker for aging


24 Nov


Dr Julie Phukan Neurology Specialist, PhD, TCIN Motor Neuron Disease and dementia - not what we thought

17 Nov

Prof Richard Reilly

PI, TCIN Hollywood not just for influence on neuroscience and neural engineering too


10 Nov


Ranya Bechara




Can exercise really make you smarter?

03 Nov
Dr Catherine Dempsey Postdoc, TCIN


How do Antidepressants work?   Caenorhabditis elegans as a model for the genetic analysis of drug mechanisms


24 Oct


Dr Nick Ramsay


University Medical Center Utrecht


Neural mechanisms and dynamics of working memory


13 Oct

Dr Andrea Della Chiesa


Post Doc, TCIN


Navigation by sounds: echolocation and place cells in dolphins and bats


09 Jul


Prof Michael Fitzgerald




Neuroscience and Creativity


30 Jun


Prof Harald Hampel




Advances in the development of biological and imaging markers in Alzheimers Disease


23 Jun


Prof Michael Gill




Sequence and structural variation in the human genome - implication for common neuropsychiatric disorders and traits

19 May
Prof Sophie Molholm


It's a Multisensory World: How the brain integrates multiple sensory inputs and what happens when it breaks down


12 May


Dr Jason Chan


Post Doc, TCIN


An indepth look at virtual reality


28 Apr


Dr Arun Bodke




Making connections in the brain

07 Apr
Graham Little


Specificity and plasticity in thalamocortical connections

31 Mar
Prof Declan McLoughlin


Shocking news: Therapeutic brain stimulation in psychiatry

10 Mar
Dr Simon Finnigan
Post Doc, TCIN


Can neurophysiological measures inform clinical prognosis for stroke or cognitive decline?

03 Mar
Michael Kelly PhD


Magnetically Labelled Blood as an Endogenous MRI Contrast Agent in the Rat Brain

25 Feb
Dr Katherine Johnson PostDoc, TCIN


Sustained attention deficits in ADHD: the influence of the dopamine D4 receptor

18 Feb
Prof Nick Rawlins Oxford


The Genetic Dissection of Memory Systems

11 Feb
Aoife Larkin PhD


Sensing signals - how flies remove background

04 Feb
Dr Daniel Ulrich PI


Brain rhythms and synaptic plasticity

28 Jan
Sean Kilbride/Melanie Watson PhD, TCIN


Mitochondrial dysfunction in chronic neurodegeneration / Interleukin-1F5: a novel anti-inflammatory cytokine

21 Jan
Dr Eric Downer PostDoc


CD200: Unravelling its role in Neuroinflammation

14 Jan
Dr Colm Cunningham PI


Death, delirium and damage limitation





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