Dr. Daniela Tropea

Lecturer in Functional Genomics
Watching the brain change: from genes to therapies
Dr.Gary Donohoe
Senior Lecturer, Psychology Dept

Schizophrenia genetics and cognitive genetics: a two way street

Dr. Annalisa Setti & Dr. Jason Chan
Prof. Fiona Newell's Group
Two views on human perception

Dr. Gavin Davey



The Control of energy flow in the brain



    No TALK          
14/02/2011     Dr. Graham Sheridan     Dr. Kumlesh Dev's group   Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Receptors and their role in Myelination

Dr. Vincent Hok


Prof Shane O'Mara's group



Can Place Cells predict Cognitive Function?


28/02/2011     Dr. Conor Houghton     Mathematics Department   Electrophysiology as a problem in mathematics.
07/03/2011     Dr. Richard Piech     Dr. John O'Doherty's Lab   Not so quick and dirty: the human amygdala and emotional cues
14/03/2011     Dr. Laura McAvinue     Prof.Ian Robertson's Lab   Inattention in ADHD
21/03/2011     Dr. Chris Tabone     Prof Mani Ramaswami's Lab   Pavlov's Flies: Learning and Memory in Drosophila
28/03/2011     Dr. Andrew Coogan     NUI Maynooth   The Tick and Tock of the Circadian Clock: In Sickness and in Health
4/04/2011     Dr. Fabian Docagne     Univesrity of Caen, France   Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA) in white matter ischemia
11/04/2011 (2pm!)     Prof Gyorgy Buzaki     Rutgers University, Newark, USA   Neural Syntax: oscillations organise cell assemblies
18/04/2011     Dr. Oliviero Gobbo     TCIN   TBA
25/4/2011     EASTER MONDAY          
2/05/2011     BANK HOLIDAY          
9/05/2011     Dr. Kebin Mitchell     Genetic Department   TBA
16/05/2011     Dr. Astrid Sasse     Pharmacology    
23/05/2011     Dr. Matthew Campbell     Ocular Genetics Unit   Across the Blood Brain Barrier (TBA)
30/05/2011     BANK HOLIDAY          
TBA     Robert Field & Dr. Colm Cunningham     Dr. C Cunningham's Lab   Delirium
13/06/2011     Dr. Ed Lalor     Lecturer, TCD   TBA






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